The Importance of Automation to Save Time & Money, Reduce Errors, and Create a Better Client Experience

As a business owner, you know the importance of operational efficiency. And you’ve probably heard that automation can help maximize efficiency while reducing errors, saving money, and creating a better experience for your clients.

All of this is true, but if you’re like many other business owners, you feel overwhelmed by the idea of adopting automation. Where do you begin? Isn’t it complicated?

You may be surprised to learn that getting started with automation is a lot easier than you think. And the outcome makes it worth the investment. 

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using automation and how to get started.

The Advantages of Automation in Business

Automating redundant, non-core tasks will provide a wealth of benefits to your business, including:

Better Efficiency and Productivity

Automation streamlines tasks, which can greatly improve productivity and efficiency. In fact, research shows that automation has the potential to boost global productivity growth by up to 1.4% every year.


  • Faster processing. Automation tools can complete tasks quicker than humans, so you can get more done faster.
  • Round-the-clock operation. Technology doesn’t need to sleep and never gets tired. It can work 24/7 to keep certain tasks and operations going.

Additionally, automation will free up time that your team can use to focus on more important tasks and get them done more quickly.

Cost Savings

Automation can save your business money. You may need to make an initial investment in the technology and training, but once that investment is made, you can reap the cost savings.

Your team can focus on tasks and projects that help the business grow. Automation saves money in this way by eliminating wasted employee time.

A Better Client Experience

Automating tasks can lead to a better client experience. 


  • Tasks are completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Each task is completed the same way every time, so clients have a consistent experience.
  • The risk of human error is reduced, so accuracy is greatly improved.

Clients know what to expect when working with your business and they trust your company because automation helps greatly reduce the risk of error.

Before You Start Using Automation, Review Your Processes

The very first step is to sit down and review your processes. You can’t just dive into this process without a plan. Not all tasks and processes will be suitable for automation. It’s your job to determine:

  • Which processes are taking a lot of time
  • Whether there are options to automate these tasks

And there are many ways to begin using automation in your business. We’re going to give you a few first-hand examples of how we’re using automation in two of our critical workflows.

How We Use Automation in Our Business’s Workflow

You’ve spent time reviewing your processes, and now it’s time to automate the ones that take up the most time and resources. Something as simple as task switching can cost you 40% of your productivity.

We aim to maximize our time, and here’s a basic task that we have as part of our workflow:

  1. Prospects book an appointment on Calendly.
  2. Automation sends a text and email to the prospect before the meeting.
  3. Zap via Zapier is used on our end to set up an email reminder after the appointment to add the prospect in Ignition and send a proposal (when necessary).

Ignition is the proposal and engagement app we use to follow up with unsigned prospects. Why do I take this step? Missing a touchpoint during the client journey is a big no-no. Leads cost a lot of money and resources to attract – We never want to lose them.

By automating the appointment, reminder, and proposal process, you can provide an exceptional experience to prospects.

Task Boards for Organization

Task boards are something that every company can benefit from. We use Client Hub, but you can use any project management tool, such as:


It’s easier to have control over your business as it grows. Business owners often underestimate how challenging it is to scale their operations. When you have a small team, you can keep everything flowing smoothly.

Add a dozen employees or less, and you will quickly lose track of who is doing what.

Our workflow sends out notifications to the next person in the workflow queue to keep everything running smoothly. For example, let’s say a tax return is completed and ready for review. Client Hub will let the reviewer know it’s now their turn to step in.

How We Use Automation For Clients

Working directly with clients can also take a lot of time and resources away from your team. Imagine having to send out invoice reminders manually. Or, as an accountant, we often have to ask clients for important documents – over and over again.

When reviewing our workflow and the importance of automation, we found that we wasted a ton of time on invoices.


66% of businesses spend up to five days per month on invoices. How do we make sure that we’re not one of these businesses? We put automation to work for us and our clients, which works something like this:

  • 3 invoice reminders are automatically set up for each invoice
  • Reminders are sent when the invoice isn’t paid for a pre-defined period of time

We send automatic invoice reminders, helping with our own cash flow management because we’re paid faster. Depending on the business and its processes, automation sometimes allows us to set up invoices to autopay, which is the golden unicorn of payments.

You’ll need to sit down with stakeholders and find fun, exciting tools and ways to leverage them to automate your processes.

That’s a Wrap: Time to Automate

Automation doesn’t need to remove the human element from your business, nor does it need to take over every aspect of it. You can and should automate the tasks that are repeatable or demand a lot of your time.


Automation can reduce errors and save you money at the same time. If you can save money and better serve your clients or customers, it’s a win-win for your business. Start small and look for other ways that you can automate your workflow.

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