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We cater our coaching around what your needs are at the time, which could be:

  • Setting goals and targets with a budget
  • Updating estimated tax calculations based on recent events
  • Retirement contribution analysis
  • Owner Compensation Analysis
  • Cash flow projections to actuals
  • When is the best time to hire your first employee
  • Tax savings strategies

You pay monthly for a commitment of 12 months. Our work varies based on the services throughout the year, but rather than charge you everytime we have to do something (like most firms) we make the pricing more sustainable by breaking everything up over the year.

We know cash flow can be tight in certain seasons, which helps with affordability and planning. If you want to pay the full annual amount upfront, let us know during the discovery call, and we will let you know the discounted price.

Catch-up bookkeeping or past-due tax returns are not included in the estimate. Payroll is also not included, unless you selected it above.
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