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Why The Name "Blue Dove"

Blue Dove holds a special place in my heart, dedicated to my mom who left us in 2010. Back in the day, she and my dad created a church band, and they named it White Dove Ministries. Fast forward, my brother kept the tradition alive with the White Dove E-store. When it was my turn, I knew I had to stick with the Dove theme.

But here’s the twist – I didn’t want a generic name. I’ve always danced to my own beat. After Mom passed, I stumbled upon a vase at the funeral home. It was a beautiful shade of blue, her favorite, with these elegant white doves. And just like that, Blue Dove became the perfect name, weaving history and heart into my business.

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Melissa Hertell, CPA - Blue Dove Consulting Group LLC - Individual Tax & Business Tax Expert

Melissa Hertell, CPA

Helping construction and home service companies increase their profits, gain financial clarity, and have peace of mind over their finances.

I am not just your average CPA; I’ve turned down six-figure job offers because they didn’t align with my values.

Outside work, I am a proud rescuer of 2 dogs and 2 cats, and yes, one of my dogs is deaf, yet the most attentive listener you’ll find.

My sense of humor? Let’s just say I’ve cracked jokes with executives of million and billion-dollar companies.

At Blue Dove Consulting Group, we specialize in:
🪠 Bookkeeping
🛠️ Profit analysis
🔌 Cash flow forecasting
👏Streamlining accounting processes
💰 Budget vs Actual & variance analysis
🚀 Comprehensive financial analysis

We are not just number crunchers. My team and I have a common goal when serving you and it’s for you to have:
✅ Decreased stress
✅ Peace of mind
✅ Attain financial freedom and stability
✅ Complete confidence in the management of your business affairs

If you're still grappling with questions like:

Then it's time for a change.

Ready to take control of your financial future?

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help your finances soar!

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